Live Event and Social Media Videos

Client:  Startup Grind
Agency:  Loma Media


"The most inspirational conference around the globe for entrepreneurs."

Silicon Valley, Startups and one heck of a good time!

Startup Grind and their Global Media Partner, Loma Media, invited me to assist with the pre/post-show and on-site editorial needs for their Annual Global Conference in San Francisco, California.  Prior to the event, I assisted their editorial team with a few short teaser videos of several high-profile Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and widely hyping up the event to thousands of attendees across all social media platforms.  

Loma Media was in charge of all aspects of production for the live event, including a Global Livestream of the main stages to thousands of viewers across YouTube.  In addition to the Livestream, Startup Grind requested on-site editorial for several break-out stages to be offloaded, edited and uploaded in real-time. 

I joined the team in San Francisco on Day 1 and was in charge of all post-production editorial needs.  Several hours of footage passed through the edit suite, and we uploaded and delivered everything to Startup Grind's YouTube Channel in record time.  Below are a few of my favorite social media teasers we created for the event.  I won't bore you with the live event pieces but you are welcome to check those out on Startup Grind's YouTube Channel