Specialty Videos

Client:  DXC Technology
Agency:  Loma Media

Most of the videos we make for DXC Technology fit into a category.
These videos are special, they get their own spot.

DXC Labs: Voice and Cloud-Controlled Drone

DXC Labs created an experimental voice-activated (Amazon Alexa) and cloud-controlled (AWS IoT) drone that uses three-word identifiers from what3words to provide precise location directions to within three square meters, anywhere in the world.  Loma Media called on me to assist their editorial team in crafting this unique concept into an exciting video for DXC.  

DXC Business Process Services: "How"

Robotic Process Automation is the application of software to interact with systems and process transactions in the same way a human worker would. Virtual workers – robots – mimic the keystrokes, clicks and many other repetitive activities without requiring human assistance.  Loma Media called me up to assist their editorial team with all editorial aspects of this video alongside their motion graphics design team to deliver this explainer video of "How" BPS does what it does.