Customer Success Stories

Client:  DXC Technology
Agency:  Loma Media

One of the primary sets of marketing videos we've created for DXC Technology, Customer Success Stories have been designed to show the company's partnership with clients to drive digital transformation and thrive on change.

I've worked with Loma Media's editorial team since 2016, to create dozens of full length and social media "snackables" for DXC.  Covering a wide breadth and depth of capabilities, across virtually all industries, in multiple regions and languages, these videos allow prospective customers to see what DXC Technology can do for them.

Here are a few of my favorite success stories we've created:

Automotive Center of Excellence
Success Story

Ever since I was a little kid, editing videos, I've always wanted to work on car spots.  I was really excited when Loma Media approached me to help edit and execute motion graphics for DXC's Automotive Center of Excellence in Germany. 

With the auto industry embracing technology more and more everyday, from self-driving autonomous cars to the Hyperloop, they needed help shifting from the traditional assembly line model, producing and selling cars, then moving to the next batch – to a software company that constantly updates and improves vehicles throughout their lifecycle.  DXC Technology helps provide the guidance needed to help make that transition.

DXC Technology: Zurich Success Story

Zurich, a world-wide multi-line insurer turned to the cloud, powered by DXC, to deliver innovative solutions for it's policy-holders in more than 170 countries.  Loma Media's editorial team called on me to assist in showing how they did it by helping to put together this informative video.

DXC Technology: TasTAFE Success Story

DXC Technology was seeking to expand it's presence in Tasmania and advance its customer support and IT capabilities within the ANZ region.  Working in partnership with the Tasmanian government, DXC approached TasTAFE to create a new Center of Excellence in Hobart.  This video had a few challenges, it was shot prior to the merger between CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprises, meaning, it was entirely branded with CSC logos in the footage.  So, not only was I the lead editor on this video, I also had a role with the motion tracking, rotoscoping and removal of all old CSC branded elements in this video.  Since then, I've become a go-to vendor for any compositing needs at Loma Media.  

Makkah Region Development Authority
Success Story

This was a very unique Success Story to edit with Loma Media.  In just 8 weeks, DXC designed a world-class safety, security and cloud control system for the 2016 Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Working with content on a topic I was very unfamiliar with, while trying to stay true to the historical side of the Hajj, was a challenge that was passed with flying colors.  Taking it one step further, we not only created an English version, but with the help of Loma's phenomenal producers in charge of localization, we also created an Arabic version.  It was my first localization edit in another language and a challenging language at that.  Below is the English version.

Arabic Localization Video:

Here is the localized Arabic version.  Big shout out to the post-production team at Loma Media for working alongside me to get this video done and delivered to the client.